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    Solarize Your World With 13.3 kW Solar System

    Sunray Power is proud to offer the 13.3kW solar system, a powerhouse solution designed for high-energy users and larger homes. Those looking for a substantial decrease in their electricity bills and more energy independence will get both with this excellent solution. The system, which has a capacity of 13.3 kW, has the ability to produce an astounding 48–53 kWh of clean electricity every day. It adds up to significant savings, particularly in areas with plenty of sunshine. Imagine using the energy of the sun to power your entire house! The 13.3kW system is the best option for homes with higher than average energy usage. This method can help you reduce your dependency on the grid, regardless of whether you drive an electric vehicle, have a large family, or use electric equipment frequently. A Sunray Power 13.3 kW solar system typically includes:
    • Solar Panels: Expect around 32-38 high-efficiency solar panels, ranging from 350 watts (W) to 420W each. These panels capture sunlight and convert it into electricity.
    • Inverter: This crucial component transforms the Direct Current (DC) electricity produced by the panels into Alternating Current (AC) electricity compatible with your home's appliances.
    Solar Panel
    • 32 X 415W Highly efficient panels
    • Newly built half-cut solar panels
    • Excellent performance
    • 25 year warranty
    Solar Inverter
    • 1 X 10kW High-quality inverter
    • Apps for online monitoring (optional)
    • Backup support and the best warranty
    • Installed with IP65 (Indoor/outdoor) use
    Solar Installer
    • CEC-Accredited installer
    • Best-quality electrical material
    • Aluminum racking system that is resistant to corrosion
    • Best service and support
    • Should I pair a 9.9kW solar system with a battery?
      A 9.9kW solar PV module is a great choice to pair it with a battery. You can enjoy more benefits if you have an EV vehicle or are planning to buy one.
    • How much roof space do I need for a 13.3kW solar system?
      A 13.3 kW system will require 25–33 solar panels (about 1.7 metres by 1 metres in size) and 80 metres sq. of roof space because the majority of household solar panels have a 400–500W output rating. More efficient solar panels take up less roof space but frequently cost more since they employ newer technologies.
    • How much electricity does a 13.3kW solar system generate?
      A typical 13.3kW solar system produces between 23 and 27 kW of energy each day which is sufficient for medium-sized and large families.
    • Who is the ideal user of a 13.3kW solar PV module?
      There are a few points that will help you decide if this system size is ideal for you or not. If your monthly consumption is more than 25kWh. If your monthly expenditure on power bills is $250 per month.
    • Which is the best brand for solar panels?
      Sunray Solar has partnered with only the leading manufacturers in Australia. Thus, we offer only the best-quality panels so that you get the most out of your investment.

    13.3 kW Solar System Installation in Australia

    If a building has the roof space to accommodate one, a 13kW solar system is an excellent choice for high-energy-consuming residences or small- to medium-sized enterprises. Let us walk you through everything you might want to know about 13kW solar systems, including how much space they take up, how much they cost, and how much electricity they can produce.

    13.3 Kw Solar System Price

    Due to their size, 13.3 kW solar panels system for home can offer some of the best value of any solar PV system size. Australia is home to some of the lowest prices for solar installation in the world. In October 2023, the average cost of a 13 kW solar panel system installed in its entirety in Australia was around $13,566, or $1.02 per watt, including GST and after deducting the STC refund.
    CityCost (incl. GST and incentive)Cost per watt
    Canberra, ACT$12,768$0.96
    Adelaide, SA$10,773$0.81
    Brisbane, QLD$13,300$1.00
    Sydney, NSW$11,305$0.85
    Perth, WA$10,374$0.78
    Melbourne, VIC$13,034$0.98
    Hobart, TAS$16,226$1.22

    How Much Roof Space and The Number Of Panels are Needed For a 13.3 Kw Solar System?

    You can see how much roof space is needed for 13.3 kW solar panels nsw in the table below. This amount will change based on the solar power systems nsw efficiency and size as well as any shading or obstructions on the roof that need to be taken into consideration during design.
    Roof space and number of panels for 13kW solar panel systems
    Solar panel watt rating420W
    The solar panel watt rating81m2
    Approximate number of panels32
     Please be aware that in order to guarantee that your system can be accessed and maintained safely, every solar panels installation nsw must be inspected by a designer certified by the Clean Energy Council. The above table is only for reference.

    Is 13 kW solar panel installation nsw worth the money for your home or business?

    For the average home, 13 kW solar panels sydney is a significant amount of solar power, and in many situations, it will be too much, as you can see from the amount of roof space needed. It will typically only be suitable if your daily energy use is more than 50 kWh, which is a figure that is much more likely to apply to a business than a residence. If a home wants to go off the grid and uses little electricity, this would also be a reasonable size option for them. We advise that before choosing to move forward with a 13 kW solar system, you get the numbers thoroughly calculated due to the intricacy of the process (not to mention the expense). By requesting a free, customized business case analysis from our technical team based on your electricity bills, you can play with the numbers yourself. Additionally, bear in mind that the organization that owns the poles and wires in your area, the Distributed Network Service Provider (DNSP), may have specific guidelines regarding what can be connected and what systems are allowed to export power. 6.6kW of solar panels can often be accommodated by a 5kVA inverter, which is the limit for single-phase connections. Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the feed-in tariff plans offered by the power provider are limited to systems that have a 10kW inverter.

    Energy output from a 13.3 kW solar system

    The actual power production of a 13 kW solar panel system will vary depending on several factors. Among these variables are:
    • Climate and location
    • Angle of tilt and orientation of the solar panel array
    • Whether the panels are shaded in any way
    • The panels' operating temperature
    • The functionality of the separate parts, such as the inverter and the panels
    The following table provides an estimate of the daily (average annual) kilowatt-hours of electricity that Australia's major cities can expect from a 13 kW solar system facing north. You can get in touch with us today to know more about the 6.6 kW solar system.
    CityAverage Daily ProductionEstimated Annual Production
    Brisbane53 kWh per day19418 kWh
    Canberra51 kWh per day18771 kWh
    Hobart42 kWh per day15211 kWh
    Perth56 kWh per day20389 kWh
    Sydney48 kWh per day17476 kWh
    Adelaide51 kWh per day18771 kWh
    Darwin59 kWh per day21360 kWh
    Melbourne44 kWh per day16182 kWh
    • PVWatts calculations using sunshine data from the Bureau of Meteorology
    • The system's efficiency of 75% is a conservative assumption.
    • The solar panels are assumed to be installed at a 30-degree inclination to the north.

    Should you install a 13.3 kW solar system?

    These days, installing a solar system has supplementary benefits, such as solar feed-in tariff credits. Rather, by "self-consuming" as much of your own solar energy as you can directly, you'll get the most benefit from it. With solar feed-in tariff rates typically lower than grid electricity costs, your savings increase with the amount of solar energy you consume directly. In the meantime, excess solar energy feeds into the grid and generates credits that lower your overall bill.

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