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    Buy solar panels in 2145 Westmead

    As the globe shifts towards renewable sources of energy, Sunray Solar leads the way, providing innovative solar panels designed to harness the sun's plentiful energy.

    With an ongoing dedication to reliability, durability, and environmental responsibility, we provide a variety of solar power systems solutions designed to satisfy your energy requirements while lowering your carbon impact.

    Why pick Sunray Solar at Westmead? Our solar panels are more than simply a way to power your homes and businesses; they represent a step towards a cleaner, greener future.

    Investing in solar power not only saves you money on your electricity bills, but it also helps to mitigate climate change and protect the world for future generations.

    We recognise that each home and company is unique. Thus we offer customisable residential solar solutions that fit perfectly into your lifestyle and energy needs.

    Whether you're a household trying to minimize your reliance on the grid or a business owner looking to boost your sustainability efforts by installing commercial solar panels, we have the ideal solar solution for you.

    Furthermore, with our experienced personnel assisting you every step of the way, switching to solar energy has never been easier. From the first discussion to the final setup and beyond, we are dedicated to providing an amazing client experience that surpasses your expectations.

    Residential solar panels installation cost Westmead

    Our dedication to providing households with renewable energy is completely consistent with Westmead's forward-thinking culture. Sunray Solar makes harvesting the sun's power easier and more inexpensive than ever before.

    As the cost of conventional sources of energy rises, investing in solar system for home is not just an environmentally responsible choice, but also a sound financial decision for intelligent homeowners.

    Sunray Solar, one of the best solar company knows the individual demands of this region's homeowners and provides personalized solar system solutions that maximize energy efficiency while minimizing expenditures.

    We understand that each property is unique, which is why we provide personalized solutions to match your financial situation and energy goals. Whether you want to lessen your carbon footprint, lower the cost of electricity, or raise the value of your home, our solar experts will work with you to create a system that meets and exceeds your goals.

    With CEC certified solar installers, we ensure that your journey is smooth and hassle-free for you. Residential solar panels are available in three packages: 6.6kW solar system, 9.9kW solar system, and 13.3kW solar system.

    Best commercial solar panel systems installation

    Sunray Solar, one of the best companies for commercial solar panel installation offers the best solar services in this region. In an era of innovation and environmentally friendly practices, businesses are increasingly turning to solar energy solutions to not only decrease their carbon footprint but also boost their bottom line.

    We recognise the critical role solar power plays in creating a cleaner, economically viable future. That's why we're committed to providing outstanding commercial solar panel system installation solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of businesses across industries. Our cost of solar panels is cost effective and set as per the recent trends and standards.

    Our installation price australia varies depending on the package. As one of the leading solar companies, we offer panels in a variety of system sizes, including 20 kW solar system, 30 kW solar system, and 50 kW solar systems.

    Sunray Solar guarantees that your move to solar power will be smooth and enjoyable. Experience the advantage of working with a devoted team that is committed to enabling businesses to prosper in the long run. We provide outstanding competence, dependability, and outcomes in solar panel system installation.

    Happy Clients
    Md Najmul Hoque
    Superb customer experience and workmanship. They listened and helped to decide the right combination of solar panels & inverters within my budget. They explained the Pros & Cons and really happy with the honesty. They didn’t just tried to sell their product. Very happy with the installer. The whole experience was very smooth.
    Evelyn Al-Ekhtiyar
    A work colleague recommended Soni from Sunray Power Solar. Soni was awesome and made the process so easy from start to finish. Highly recommend this Company.
    Gleuto Serafim
    Sunray has been fantastic, they managed to get on our roof without problems, as others didn't want to do the work because it was a bad angle... Sonni is connected and client focused, and his tech team were the best team I have seen working. thumbs up for them. Great Job...
    Said Atalla
    Sunny Power Solar is committed company, they provide good competitive cost, with quality products & installation, friendly communication, product knowledge, honesty & great follow up, from Soni, payment plan is available , no upfront payment required, I recommend them to anyone needs Solar System.
    Sunil Adhikari
    Soni from sunray Solar was very knowledgeable and provided great assistance to us from the selection to installation of our 6.6kw solar system. From offering a good price to sending the quote, he responded all the queries we had and kept us fully informed during the whole process. He was always polite and easy to talk to. The installation provided were good and neat installation. Highly recommended sunray Solar
    Narsi Burju
    Soni was very product knowledgably in Solar market, his suggestions were very clear in what he is selling and how it is benefitable to the customer. He suggested and explained why to go for a bigger plant and explained the benefits of it. His honesty, friendly communication and great follow up impressed me. He also provided me the plant in very reasonable price and offered a 2 yrs payment plan which was approved without any hassle. Installation team were very professional and kept me updating with the progress and completed the work in very professional manner . I am extremely happy and satisfied with the service there have provided and I highly and happily recommend Sunny Power Solar for you Solar needs.
    Prasanna Kumar
    I recently had the pleasure of working with Ketul Soni from Sunray Solar company for the installation of a solar system on my property, and I couldn't be happier with the entire process from start to finish.From the initial consultation to the final installation, every step was handled with great expertise and attention to detail. The team was punctual, courteous, and respectful of my property throughout the project. They took the time to answer all of my questions and provided me with comprehensive information about the solar system and its benefits.So far all looking good and team is also monitoring the energy produce to ensure it’s aligning with their design and standards to optimise the best.I wholeheartedly recommend Sunray Solar company for anyone considering a solar panel installation. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence set them apart from the rest. Thank you to the entire team!
    Great company and have been a pleasure to deal with all the way from the quoting process down to installation. Very professional installer, prompt in time and even goes above and beyond (windy day so had to leave the site and come back early the next day). Would be happy to recommend to anyone looking to have solar installed
    Krishna Chaithanya
    Ketul is friendly and also was really helpful explaining the options. His suggestions were very detailed and insightful. Installation process was very smooth and the team completed it in time without any issues. They also helped us with setup of the mobile app and made sure it is running correctly. I recommend Sunray Power Solar for others.
    Sandeep Ojha
    Simple and easy installation process. Mr Soni guided through the whole journey very precisely and was knowledgeable with his job. I recommend his team for your solar needs.
    The Jammals
    We had excellent experience with Sunray power, Soni was great to deal with, he was one of few to quote on site he patiently explained process and rested all our doubts always prompt and available for any question. Price is fair and reasonable with good finance options. The electrician Sam and his team also did very good job and explained throughly how system works. I highly recommend them.
    Adeel Tahir
    Had an amazing experience getting solar panel system installed from Sunray Power - very professional and courteous. They addressed all our questions regarding different inverter and solar panel brands out there which helped us choose the best product! Really happy and satisfied with their service and will definitely recommend them! Thank you Sunray Power!
    The process was managed exceptionally well from the initial conversation through to installation of the system. The guys provided great information and answered a lot of questions, allowing time to work out a solution that works for us. Installation was great and trouble free. The system is performing exceptionally well. Overall a great experience.
    Jaswinder Singh
    I highly recommend Sunray Power for solar plant installation. I took quotes from about four to five companies but no one recommended a plant more than 6.6KW, while Soni visited my house in person assessed and analyzed that a bigger plant is possible and even installed it in a better price. Thank you Sunray Power for your guidance and service. Best wishes for future👍
    Rahul Singh
    Ketul was very informative with the solar market. He helped me understand how solar works and the impact it’ll have in long term. His installation team was very quick and efficient when installing the solar and ensured to keep my updated with the progress of installation. Overall it was great dealing with this company and highly recommend

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