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    Working of best solar battery storage
    05 Jul
    Working of best solar battery storage
    Posted BySunray Power

    Working of solar battery storage

    Solar panels - A popular source of clean and green energy has become a favorite among Aussie’s. However, it can only generate electricity when the sun is shining. This is where solar battery storage comes to our rescue. Solar panels with battery storage are the perfect combination to lower electricity bills as well as your carbon footprint. With the use of the best solar panels australia, you can transform your house into a solar-powered micro power plant. By harnessing the sun's rays, you can generate your own clean energy and not just rely on the conventional grid. Using a renewable resource not only helps the environment but also has the potential to drastically lower your electricity expenses. Nevertheless, installing solar panels is not the only step in developing a really efficient energy system.

    Install a solar battery storage to your solar PV system

    Among the many benefits of solar panels, the only point where we can experience its setback is that it cannot generate power at night. Thus, solar batteries for home and business are rapidly gaining a lot of momentum in recent times. Sunray Power offers the best solar battery options to its customers. A home battery storage gathers surplus energy from your solar panels during the day and functions as a smart storage device. You can utilize that stored energy to power your house anytime you need it, whether it's at night or in overcast weather.

    How do solar battery storage and solar PV systems work together?

    Being one of the top 10 solar companies in australia, Sunray Power offers affordable solar battery cost without putting a dent in your budget. However, if you are confused how this combination works for your house, let us simplify it for you. Using a home solar system, you can power your everyday appliances by capturing solar energy. Let's examine how it functions: Solar panels: They transform sunshine into clean electricity on your roof, much like little power plants. Inverter: An inverter is an advanced technology that converts direct current (DC) electricity from solar panels into alternating current (AC), which is what your home utilizes. Smart Switchboard: Consider the smart switchboard to be the traffic controller. It prioritizes solar energy above grid power by directing it towards your appliances. The extra energy produced by your panels is fed back into the grid when it is not needed. This donation (commonly referred to as a solar feed-in tariff) will result in credits on your bill. If your solar system is attached to solar batteries, any excess energy is stored for use at a later time. This helps make sure that even at night or during periods of high energy consumption, your appliances remain powered. However, you need not to worry as if your battery gets depleted, you always have the grid as your backup. This example illustrates the operation of an AC-coupled battery system by adding a battery to an already-existing solar system. Solar energy is captured via solar panels. At first, this energy flows as direct current (DC), which is not readily usable by most equipment. After that, a solar inverter converts the direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC), which powers your house. Consider the electrical system in your house as an intelligent traffic controller. Your appliances receive AC electricity first from the switchboard. Any extra energy is then directed towards the solar battery bank. By converting the AC electricity into a format that can be stored in a battery, the solar inverter functions as a translator. The battery serves as your own personal energy bank, storing solar energy for use at night or on overcast days when the sun isn't shining. In this case, the battery has changed, eliminating the need for grid electricity to power the house. And then when the sun sets…. Your smart system automatically switches to battery power when there is less sunlight or no sunlight. The battery inverter takes over and converts the energy that has been stored into a form that can be used by your appliances. Your switchboard facilitates this transfer smoothly, guaranteeing a constant supply of electricity for your house. Additionally, the grid will take over automatically to provide uninterrupted operation of your appliances in the event that your battery ever runs low. Get in touch with us today to know where to get started!